SmartMirror is a DIY project. Basically it is an LED-Matrix of 64x16 placed behind a translucent mirror. It is powered by a NodeMCU chip, so it has WiFi capabilities. It can show the time in some special decimal form (where the day has 10 hours, a hour 100 minutes and a minute 100 seconds). A DHT11 temperature and humidity sensor provides ambient values. Through implementation of a simple HTTP server, the mirror can react to GET requests. It gathers the current time via NTP (thus it needs to be connected to the Internet).

You can find the code on my Github repository "smartmirror".

Images - coming soon!

GET request modes

/clockShows the clock.
/temperatureReturns the temperature.
/humidityReturns the humidity.
/disableShuts off the display (but continues to respond to requests).
/enableTurns the display on.
/text?Shows text on the screen.
style=[ marquee | rightbound | leftbound | center ], default is marquee
In case of marquee: direction=[ right | left ], default is left; speed=THE HIGHER, THE SLOWER

Parts list

NOTE: You can save a lot of money if you buy these parts or some of them on chinese sites like AliExpress.